About me

Hello there. Let me introduce myself.

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Me on my graduation day, emerging from a life-sized replica of the Narnia wardrobe that stands in my university library

As you may have guessed, I’m Amy and I like books. In fact, without meaning to, most of my life has been tied to books in some way. I was a student librarian in secondary school, my first job was as a Saturday girl in my local WHSmith, I have a degree in English Literature, and now I’m a cookbook and lifestyle editor for a non-fiction publisher.

Outside of work, I’ve been devoting more time to creative writing recently, particularly short fiction. During the last few months I have had pieces published by The Cabinet of Heed, Visual Verse, and Palm-sized Press.

When I’m not reading or writing, I can usually be found baking, playing board games, or wasting time on the internet (as we all do). From time to time, I act as an unofficial prop stylist/assistant for my boyfriend’s blog (or, as he puts it, “meddling”).


Do get in touch with me if you have a book that you would like me to review. I typically read novels and realist short story collections (though I’ve been known to pick up the occasional poetry collection from time to time), and I try to read books from a diverse range of perspectives, including those by LGBTQ+ writers, writers of colour, and non-UK/US writers. My tastes are quite broad, although I generally lean towards adult literary  and commercial fiction over genre titles; no YA, romance, horror, or fantasy please. I will always review honestly, and I reserve the right to decline any review requests I wish.


Because I work in publishing, I am sometimes able to get my hands on free or significantly discounted titles published by my company. If I mention/review any book that I have acquired through work, I will try my best to mark it with an asterix (*). That being said, all my opinions are my own, and are not endorsed/paid for by my publishing house in any way. If I say I like something I have read, it is because I have genuinely enjoyed it.