July 2017 book haul

Another month, another dent in my bank balance. I bought six books in July (two from work, two from Waterstones, one from Foyles, one from Chener Books, Dulwich), as well as a seriously lovely homemade cover from Etsy maker CraftedbyCandlelight to protect my books while I’m lugging them around in my bag. Not only is it pretty (and pretty useful), but it arrived on my desk wrapped up in tissue and string:

I’m starting to wonder if these haul posts are inadvertently encouraging my book-buying habit. They are the only ‘regular’ feature I have on this new-ish blog. I fear I may be justifying my spending with the knowledge that it will end up being featured in a haul. If I didn’t buy anything, what could I write about?

(A: library books, free books from work, the books I already own…)

July 2017 haulTo be honest, as much as I love a full bookshelf, I don’t like to buy books purely for the sake of them. Books are expensive. Lovely as they are, I don’t buy them to be decorative objects, but because I want to read them – usually as soon as possible. If the growth of my TBR outstrips my reading speed, I’ll usually stop buying until I’ve caught up. Don’t be surprised if I don’t post a haul in August.

New additions to The Bookshelf:

Days Without End – Sebastian Barry
Your Family, Your Body (Penguin Modern Poets 3)– Malika Booker, Sharon Olds, and Warsan Shire (review)
The Fortunes – Peter Ho Davies (review)
The End We Start From – Megan Hunter (review)
Best British Short Stories 2017 – ed. Nicholas Royle
The Things We Thought We Knew
* – Mahsuda Snaith (review)



6 thoughts on “July 2017 book haul

  1. At least you have some kind of restraint, haha.
    I always plan on reading the books I buy – even when I know it’s going to take me a long while before I get to them – so it’s not like I’m buying them because they’re pretty. Yet.. I can’t seem to stop myself because there are so many books out there that I really want to read.

    Book buying ban, here I come! I really have to tackle all the books I own right now..

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    1. I really wish I had the willpower for an all-out ban. I wrote this post a few days ago, and I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve already bought two more books since then! I’m still sticking to my plan of not hauling in August, in the vain hope that it will encourage me not to buy any more for at least a few weeks…

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      1. Pretty sure my boyfriend will start torturing me if I bring home any more books.. xD
        I’m definitely not buying any in August – no city trips planned either so that should be “easy”. I did however make the agreement that I could buy books during my road trip in September. But that’s because I cannot go on a Holiday without visiting bookstores and I cannot leave a bookstore without a book, haha. [And it’s justified because what’s more fun than saying “Look, I got this book when I was on a trip there.”]
        There should be some kind of lock on our creditcards so it fails every time we’re in a bookstore.. [Nope, I’d just get money and pay in cash.]

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      2. I am totally with you on the bookshop visits. If I visit an independent bookshop, I feel like it’s rude *not* to buy a book while I’m there, especially if I’m unlikely to visit again.

        Excuses, excuses…

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